Elder Maltreatment Survey

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The National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiative (NIEJI) Innovation Program provides technical assistance to American Indian tribes, Alaskan villages, and Hawaiian homesteads in the collection of local data on elder abuse.

Technical assistance includes:

  • Native Elder Maltreatment Survey
  • Assistance in sampling
  • Remote training and consultation for interviewers
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Data storage
  • Production of tables and comparisons with national statistics


There is no application process for participation. Tribes wishing to participate will need to secure a tribal resolution.

Program instructions are provided in the Elder Maltreatment Survey materials, which include:

  • Sample tribal resolution
  • Verbal consent form
  • Interviewer guide
  • How to get started
  • Step-by-step data collection guide
  • Survey FAQs

This program is ongoing. The first surveys went out June 2017. View a sample survey.